1. Has 11 confirmed siblings: 8 older adopted sisters (Jinhee, Seonhee, Mikyeon, Sookjin, Yooseon, Minkyung, Ahyoung, Sooyoung), 1 older biological sister (name unknown), 2 younger half-siblings (brother’s name unknown, sister’s is Yoojung) ETA: he also apparently has 2 younger half-brothers from his Father
  2. Has two birthdays: January 26, 1986 (his adopted one), and February 4, 1986 (his actual one)
  3. Birth name is Han Jaejoon
  4. Childhood dream was to own a supermarket so he could eat all the cookies he wanted
  5. Ran away from his home in Gongju to move to Seoul so he could be a singer; dropped out of high school and picked up various odd jobs in order to make rent. It was overall a horrible period in his life and the habits he developed because of it are still with him to this day
  6. Seems to have abandonment issues; case in point: his inability to eat alone, wanting to live with the members forever, collecting huge amounts of personal pictures of his friends
  7. Favorite H.O.T member is Moon Hee Jun
  8. Insecure about his looks, laugh, body, voice, and dancing
  9. A bit of a narcissist
  10. Used to have 11 piercings, but had to take most of them out for various reasons; he currently has at least 6 (all in his ears)
  11. Had his belly-button pierced until at least 2008
  12. Very good at cooking; best dish is kimchi jjigae
  13. Hates doing dishes and says that whoever he marries has to be ok with doing them as long as he cooks
  14. Has always believed that he will marry a fan
  15. Was taught how to drink by his mother; can hold his alcohol extremely well
  16. Was tone deaf until about age 14; he taught himself to sing by practicing and joining a band after failing his first audition for SME (he passed on his second)
  17. Is closest to Yunho and Yoochun in the group; he has different relationships with each of them
  18. Taught himself to play piano and is supposedly the third best in the group after Yoochun and Junsu
  19. Apparently has Cassiopeia on his face
  20. Very good friends with Han Kyung; they lived together pre-debut and they used to teach each other their languages and swap recipes
  21. Is interested in languages but isn’t very good at them; he tends to forget vocabulary and has trouble pronouncing the hard letters in English
  22. Has smoked off and on since at least 2008; he quits for a while and then starts again (probably when his stress level is high)
  23. Enjoys fan-service the most out of the group and is also the best at it
  24. Known for openly shipping himself with the other members (mostly Yunho); frequently collects couple support items at concerts and has admitted to reading fanfics
  25. Hates sataxis with a passion, though he tolerates sasaeng fans
  26. Is easily amused
  27. Not coordinated at. all. Once tripped over nothing while playing soccer on a Japanese show
  28. Once fell down a trap door in the middle of the stage during Hug at their 2nd Asia Tour ‘O’ in Seoul encore stage; he was obviously injured but refused to show it while on stage in front of the fans
  29. Tore a ligament in his leg while practicing the choreo for Rising Sun in 2005. When given the choice between having a surgery that would heal him immediately but cause him problems in the future or a surgery that would take six months to heal but cause him no problems, his members urged him to choose the latter
  30. Got a DUI in April 2006 after being pulled over by a policeman and being caught driving over the legal limit; he was in the police station for 10 minutes before being picked up by Yunho
  31. Spent most of 2006 semi-inactive due to his leg injury, 100 day suspension from the group, and the custody battle
  32. Doesn’t pay a lot of attention to physical appearances when considering women he’d date. He tends to focus more on personality.
  33. Seems to have a relatively open mind about age and love; he was the first to guess the relationship between a couple with a 14 year age gap (older woman, younger man), said for years that his ideal type was Jeon Inhwa (who is 21 years his senior), his first kiss was taken by a girl 2 years older, he had a crush on his history teacher in middle school
  34. Bought Yunho a dog (Taepoong) for his birthday
  35. Doesn’t seem to have a lot of luck as far as gaining the love and respect of his pets; Vick generally ignores him and Jiji tolerates him only because he has to
  36. Extremely spoiled by his mothers and older sisters
  37. Dotes on his younger sister
  38. Gives horrible first impressions, as proven by his unpopularity within the fandom during debut days
  39. Hates being described as feminine
  40. Tends to wear women’s jeans because men sizes are too big
  41. In 2007, his waist was 23.6 inches. Currently he says it is 29 inches.
  42. Enjoys fashion and coordinating outfits
  43. Wore circle lenses on a regular basis during the years after debut
  44. Enjoys working out, but now focuses on toning rather than muscle building
  45. Has several tattoos: Upper back piecelower back piece (1), chest (1)
  46. The emotional neutral of the group where Yoochun (negative) and Junsu (positive) are the two opposite extremes
  47. Collects elephants
  48. Doesn’t see the point in lying or beating around the bush; would rather tell the truth and just get to the point to cut out unnecessary misunderstandings
  49. Has no brain-to-mouth filter
  50. Sleeps wearing headphones with his music player’s volume up loud (or at least used to)
  51. Is a workaholic
  52. Has contributed to at least 15 officially released songs for TVXQ, Tohoshinki, JEJUNG & YUCHUN, and JYJ
  53. Cant grow armpit hair; apparently he shaved it once to try to make it grow, but it just stayed bare
  54. Likes wearing jewelry; gets attached to his rings
  55. Rejects the idea of suicide; has said that he is too cowardly to kill himself so he’d just rather suffer in silence, and it took him an extremely long time to come to terms with his best friend, Park Yongha, killing himself.
  56. Has struggled with depression off and on for the past few years
  57. Is the most open about his feelings RE: the separation among JYJ
  58. Loves children and is a popular playmate among his various nieces and nephews
  59. Often leads the group when picking on Junsu
  60. Is a fan of Junsu’s ass and Yunho’s dancing
  61. Spoils Changmin
  62. Favorite number is 3; 33 was chosen for his Balloons costume/soccer uniforms because he actually wanted 333333333333333333 and the costume maker had to compromise
  63. Is a rather typical Aquarius, Typo O, and Wood Ox (though he has only recently begun to grow into a lot of the biggest qualities of each)
  64. Is one of 2 type O bloodtypes in the group (the other being Yoochun)
  65. Is one of 3 Aquarius in the group (the others being Yunho and Changmin)
  66. Is one of 2 Wood Oxen in the group (the other being Yunho)
  67. Is part of, and good friends with, the Korean idol F4 along with Yoochun, Hyunjoong, and T.O.P (although no picture has ever been taken of the four of them together at the same time)
  68. Known to have the most celebrity contacts out of the group; Tablo, Hong Suk Jin, Yamapi, BoA, Youngsaeng, Jeong Taese, Ayumi Hamasaki, Shirota Yu, Urata Naoya, Koda Kumi, Musashi, and Akanishi Jin are some of his more publicized friendships
  69. His Bigeast ID number is 1
  70. Bleached his hair platinum blonde in 2006 (Junsu’s idea), and apparently fell in love with the color; he’s dyed his hair various shades of it several times (sometimes in the same year) since then.

Me: Isn’t Jaejoong such a dork? he wanted 3333333333 for his soccer clothes, and I doubted that the widest person in the world could wear that clothes with that much number lol. Truly, the King(s) of Asia (DB5K~~) ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!



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